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Audios for the Awakening and Deepening of Consciousness


These audios are meant to help you Awaken to the boundless reality of your total Being. They are not for knowledge, information, learning, or study. This is not for your mind. It is for your innermost Being.

Listen with openness, innocence, and simplicity. 


The Incredible Reality ebook

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If you are interested in Awakening to Reality, gaining a deeper appreciation of subtler levels of creation, deepening your knowledge and experience of the total range of Consciousness, and experiencing real freedom, peace, and joy, then this book is for you. This book is about Reality as it really is, not the way it appears through the senses or is understood by the mind. It is about awakening to the true reality of who and what you are beyond your mind and senses, beyond all labels and conditioning, beyond all concepts and beliefs, and beyond your wildest imaginations. It provides a clear vision and essential knowledge of the stages and states of Consciousness on the path of total Awakening. © June 2019 262 Pages.

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