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"Awakening" is the direct experience of the true unbounded reality of the Self, beyond individual mind, body, perceptions, emotions, and personality. It is the permanent shift to being Awareness itself.


"Enlightenment" is the direct experience of the true reality of the objects of perception as being your own SELF, and permanently living that oneness of Consciousness and Its higher states of clarity and fullness.  

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"Pure Awareness" is the inner essence of Being, of simple existence. It is the unbounded source and impartial observer of the mind. It is That by virtue of which experience can happen. It is the silent Awareness that is aware of your eyes reading these words right now, aware of your mind thinking, your intellect discriminating, your senses perceiving, and your emotions feeling as they process and react to these words. 


All experiences that are happening now, have happened in the past, or ever will happen in the future, happen within the timeless, silent Pure Awareness that is the innermost Self of everyone. Pure Consciousness or Pure Awareness is the same innermost being of every living thing and the ultimate essence source of everything everywhere.


Enlightenment is naturally being, living, and acting from that level of Pure Consciousness at all times. It is a state of permanent Peace, Freedom, and Joy - the end of all suffering.  It is what you have been searching for all your life.  


The shift to Awakening cannot be missed. It happens as a result of an undeniable and permanent shift in the innermost sense of who you are. It is a shift from being identified with the mind and body, to being the unbounded silent Pure Awareness that is the essence-source of everything everywhere. It is a shift from being an individual person living in a world separate from you, to being unbounded Awareness itself in which the person and the world and everything else exists. It is coming home to your natural state of Being.


The Key to Awakening


Awakening can happen to anyone at any time irrespective of what you believe in, or how deeply you believe in it.  It can happen if you don't believe in anything at all. It can happen regardless of what self-development of spiritual techniques you practice, or how long you have been practicing them. It can happen no matter how healthy or unhealthy you may be. It can happen no matter how self-confident or self-doubting you may be.  It is not dependent upon anything. It is beyond everything.  


Spiritual techniques are for expanding consciousness, increasing refinement, and living life with more balance and smoothness, but the actual shift to being Pure Consciousness itself happens beyond and despite all techniques.


The key to true Awakening is openness, innocence, simplicity, readiness, and clear simple guidance from within, from nature, or from someone fully enlightened. 

Ironically, even though the shift to Awakening is completely natural and simple, many people (even deeply spiritual people) miss it due to their deep-seated concepts of what they think it is, which prevents them from being completely open, simple, and innocent enough to recognize what it really is. Enlightenment is your birthright.




Total Awakening



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