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more .....the Shift 

.......I felt an incredible sense of peace and unboundedness. The unbounded witness/silence watched over everything I did.  My awakening seemed to progress over a period of time.  When I was involved in activity, I would  initially lose the silent pure Awareness, but I could come back to it at any time.  


After some time with the experience being the witness became truly unbounded.  There was no beginning or end to it and it was always there.  I found that I could not locate my sense of who I was.  Everything was still there but I did not relate to these outer things as who I was.  There was no individual sense of self.

My sense of self was limitless.  I realized that I had always been this way, though was not aware of it.  The  experience of just being the individual separate self was just and illusion.

This state was permanent, and then things started to change.  The first thing I noticed was while I was driving.  It seemed that the road was moving through me.  As this became clearer everything was happening in me - I was the unbounded Self of all and everything was happening in "me".


This remained my permanent daily experience for many years until another even more profound shift happened.......

G.T.  Edmonton, Canada


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