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Beyond Consciousness


After being clearly awake in the oneness of unity Consciousness, being everything everywhere for over 10 years and thinking there could not possibly be anything more, another completely unexpected and unbelievable shift happened.  


Everything disappeared!! The sense of the existence of the body, world and universe and the Absolute Being/Self disappeared (and has never returned). Everything remained the same, only the undeniable direct experience is that there is nothing there, and never has been.  It is being prior to the sense of Being, the sense of existing, yet it includes the total range of all states of Consciousness. It is impossible to comprehend, even for someone in refined Unity Consciousness.  It is the permanent state of being prior to Consciousness awake to itself. It is sublime.

L. W. Edmonton, Canada


I noticed some thoughts arising and I remember actively saying to myself 'this thought is just a thought and is not true, it does not exist'.  The words came 'there is no power outside of pure consciousness'.  


I took a deep breath with a visual of pulling the thought from one place in the field towards a point of 'source' or creation in the field where it would be recognized as not existing, as pulling power back from the thought towards source.  I suddenly became aware that nothing existed, nothing in the room or beyond, not even 'me'!........more 

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