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The Awakening -- the Shift to Cosmic Consciousness p.2

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I recall I was sitting down with my eyes wide open listening to Lorne speak. I felt drawn into the conversation on one level, yet on another level very indifferent to what was being said. Part of me felt riveted with my heart to hear the words and feel trust, and the other part slid into a witness state of consciousness.

Then within a very short time the listening part of my self that was saturated with emotions of love started to detach also from that state. Soon I found myself  immersed in full witness consciousness......... ​more​​



The last session of the April-May retreat was magical, more so than the many other magical sessions of past retreats. Silence was so thick, uniting us all and overwhelming to the point that the mind did not want to even try to function.

Words came out when I spoke (no clear recollection of what was said except the attempt at describing what was clearly an illusory veil in the way, a veil whose structure varied from person to person in the room, a fake veil so thin that seeing through it was easy) and Lorne talked to me for a long time afterwards.....​more​



We were sitting in the small group (at a retreat) and Lorne was sequentially talking with each member. My mind was pretty excited by the whole process. I came to the retreat because I had heard that at the last retreat –many people had woken up or been enlightened, whatever that means.. 


This seemed like a dream since I had started out trying to reach whatever I thought that meant decades ago and gone to many courses and had basically forgotten about it.  But my mind right then could sense the possibility. ...... ​more​




Suddenly, the sense of "me" disappeared. There is no "me" - only flow of Self. There is no "me" in an other person - only most "other persons" don't know that. But "I" do. Awareness, presence remains. No-mind is in presence. Memories of "past" rarely arise. Nothing is personal.

The Cosmic Mind does not see an individual person. There is no "personal." Nothing is personal. Yet everything is intimately "Self." Everything is happening within my "Self" - sensual experiencing, thought, presence - are all together......     K.M. Vancouver Canada


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