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The Awakening -- the Shift to Cosmic Consciousness p.5

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The first time I met Lorne and Lucia was from a last minute invitation to a Satsang. Without having too much prior knowledge to who they were or were not I sat near the back in a comfortable chair and drifted into what felt like a light slumber for most of the gathering. 

At one point I noticed Lorne engaged in an eye glaze with someone I knew and I had feeling of empathy for this person getting so much attention.  On the drive home at night, my vision seemed altered. As I sat in the passenger seat looking out beyond...... more


I can say that the initial stopping of the mind with eyes open, was a surprise. Not that it was unfamiliar, as a meditator for nearly 30 years, at the time, I had similar experiences eyes closed, but I guess I basically thought, mistakenly, that such depth and breadth of silence was only available with eyes closed.

It was also a surprize that it really is that simple, and knowing that with the mind still, the mind itself could never "get" it.......more



I met Lucia and Lorne in September 2010.  My instant reaction was that somebody is home here.  I listened to the Call and a few days later as I was driving to the Okanagan Valley I became aware that "I" was not driving the car.  My sense of self became unlocalized, unbounded and free.


The scenery around became unusually bright and alive.  At the same time I began entertaining thoughts of enlightenment, which had never been of any concern or focus for me.  The thought came that whatever this enlightenment thing was all about it was to be my focus in the future and that I was to help others move in this direction if they were so inclined. 


I have since recognized this to have been an awakening experience, and the unfoldment of consciousness has been a completely surprising and joyous experience ever since.  Perhaps more correctly it could be called an "imperience" as it feels like it is simply myself getting to know my Self all by itself.


R.B. Vancouver Island, BC Canada



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