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The Awakening -- The Shift to Cosmic Consciousness p.6

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I met Lucia and Lorne in September 2010.  My instant reaction was that somebody is home here.  I listened to the Call and a few days later as I was driving to the Okonogan Valley I became aware that "I" was not driving the car.  My sense of self became unlocalized, unbounded and free.


The scenery around became unusually bright and alive.  At the same time I began entertaining thoughts of enlightenment, which had never been of any concern or focus for me.  The thought came that whatever this enlightenment thing was all about it was to be my focus in the future and that I was to help others move in this direction if they were so inclined. 


I have since recognized this to have been an awakening experience, and the unfoldment of consciousness has been a completely surprising and joyous experience ever  since.  Perhaps more correctly it could be called an "imperience" as it feels like it is simply myself getting to know my Self all by itself.


R.B. Vancouver Island, BC Canada



While talking with my husband about his awakening, I suddenly experienced an overwhelming joy that can was incomparable to anything i had ever experienced before.  At the same time I could actually see the activity and aliveness of the molecules in the air and in everything else around me. 


"I", the individual me, disappeared and became the same as everything around me and everything was this same incredible joy!!  There are no words to accurately describe this experience.


Although the intensity of the experience has diminished, my inner self  is now unquestionablely unbounded and cosmic, and I am no longer so affected and overshadowed by whatever happens in my life experience.


E.G. Edmonton, AB Canada



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