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The Awakening -- the Shift to Cosmic Consciousness p.3

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Lorne began to speak and as his eyes met mine and held, my body began to heat up and my mind went into overdrive. I remember thinking that this almost panicked state was most unusual. I then heard Lorne ask me ``Do you remember the Self?” Well yes, of course. This is where the ‘letting go’ happened.


There was an instantaneous change – from residing inside the body experiencing chaotic feelings and thoughts, to a view where I was not only behind that body but in a ‘place’ where I was everywhere in my surroundings. The body was included ..... more​​





The conference calls  with Lorne and Lucia were an unexpected surprise. Rather than being the usual talk on concepts about enlightenment, they were a conversation of Self with Itself.  If I was willing to give the mind a break and just listen from silence, there was the opportunity to stir something deep within.  And indeed...

One day listening to the call, something let go. It surrendered.  I as-if fell into the long familiar Self within. The clutching identification with a "me" had finally let go.  At first, I was surprised and uncertain.....more​



The memory of my Awakening (at a retreat with Lorn and Lucia) was like sitting on a fence and falling backwards into space with nowhere to land, followed by continous uncontrolable laughter and a strong feeling of coming home.  Very bliss-full.  The mind was gone.  As of now -- nothing is happening, yet everything seems to just happen.

P.B.  Vancouver, BC, Canada


While talking with my husband about his awakening, I suddenly experienced an overwhelming joy that was incomparable to anything i had ever experienced before.  At the same time I could actually see the activity and aliveness of the molecules in the air and in everything else around me. 


"I", the individual me, disappeared and became the same as everything around me and everything was this same incredible joy!!  There are no words to accurately describe this experience.


Although the intensity of the experience has diminished, my inner self is now unquestionably unbounded and cosmic, and I am no longer so affected and overshadowed by whatever happens in my life experience.


E.G. Edmonton, AB Canada



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