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Lucia & Lorn

Like many spiritual people, Lucia and Lorn have had spiritual experiences throughout their lives. Lorn had an awakening experience at the age of five, and throughout his life has been witness to the body and awake to subtle levels of intelligence in the surroundings. Lucia has been witnessing since earliest remembrance and experienced numerous periods of spontaneous transcending. Throughout her meditating life, she regularly experienced refined perception of the impulses of intelligence responsible for creating and experiencing. 


After practicing various meditation techniques, they both started the TM technique in the mid-1970s. Lorn became a teacher of TM and was full-time with the TM movement for more than fifteen years. The majority of that time was spent with a group of monastic men in many hours of daily advanced yoga and meditation practice.  Lucia spent several years in full-time voluntary service in the movement with a monastic group of ladies.  They met and married in 1990.  In 1994 they started a successful venture capital funding company.


Within 3 months of each other, they both awakened to being the unbounded field of pure Consciousness. Since then, they have both experienced distinct shifts in perspective within the field of unbounded Consciousness itself, along with a constant deepening refinement of perception. Through empirical experience, they have found that there are unmistakable states, that cannot be missed, within the oneness of Consciousness as It deepens in remembrance of Itself; and that perception, reality, knowledge, and experience are distinctly different in each of these states.


L&L retired their company in 2004 and since then they have been giving satsangs, conference calls, webcasts, and retreats on enlightenment and its refined states.  People began to awaken on their calls and retreats, and they soon saw the need to provide knowledge and support for them, and for others around the world who are awakening. In 2011 they started the Awakening World Society Foundation, a non-profit organization designed to support those in the world who are awakened; and to help those who have not yet awakened to their true reality as unbounded Consciousness.


Lucia was born to classical musicians and trained in piano. She is a certified Vedic Astrologer and spends the majority of her time studying, translating, and chanting Vedic Literature, and writing about the most subtle levels of intelligence responsible for the governance of all life. Lorn has an MBA and a degree in creative intelligence.  He is the author of "The Incredible Reality of You”, a book describing the total range of Consciousness. They have made over 1000 audios and videos on enlightenment and both continue to write and share. They live a reclusive life on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada





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