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more.....the Shift

......on a great state of euphoria that lasted for weeks. Also because of my expanded consciousness I became very sensitive to people's vibrations (the best way to describe this feeling). Finding some people so loud as a vibration I could not be in the same room with them. Over time this has faded but is still a clear and defined experience.

My second experience of awakened consciousness began in much the same manner at a work shop. Having had this experience previously I knew what to expect, or so I thought. Almost immediately after sitting in the work shop I was drawn inward and would remain there for the entire weekend.  As my consciousness expanded I became deeply settled into myself. The draw to become more and more inward was very compelling and also very delicious. This draw opened a passage way within me that is still their today as if there is no bottom to my inner well. 

Metaphor is the only way I can speak of this because it is a personal deep inner sense of mySelf. There is a continued unfoldment of my awareness that at times surprises me by throwing up emotional boulders which have been lodged in my consciousness since childhood. Such as "unworthiness" which recently became separated from me. Thank you seems like such a small word for something so personally profound.  

The subtleness of this experience is difficult to define, especially when you must us words.  The truth can only be "I" the inner well is aware of itself as a silent witness to my body and its perceptions.

L. S. Whiterock, BC, Canada

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