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........, another shot from me.  I was certain throughout the experience that they were in fact the same bliss; yet through it all I could detect a pencil-thin difference between the two. They were the same but different.

Another feature of this experience was that each object I looked at in the scene in front of me seemed like a jig-saw puzzle piece: each piece fit perfectly in the seemingly two-dimentional view of all I looked at.  And as any car or person moved across this scene all other objects around it fluidly refitted around the object as it moved.  And throughout this time I knew that all this was the result of that phone call with Lucialorn.

When the light turned green we moved ahead but the bliss continued off-and-on, usually in less intensity.  I was headed to the dentist’s office and I felt such rapture that when I arrived and sat in the dental chair I thought, ”Drill away, I don’t care!’’  Nothing could diminish that bliss.

For nine months I was in and out of this supreme bliss which came at various times, while a variety of expanded states of consciousness appeared.  Several times I sat down to eat lunch, and though I am normally a big eater and I was fully conscious of why I ate meals, I could not locate even the slightest desire to eat nor could I even quite figure out why I ever did eat.  Another time, I was walking down a street and I repeatedly experienced seeing my self in objects and people I encountered.  That contact with my self in others was itself blissful.  Profound revelations about life came to me that matched the classical descriptions of enlightenment experience, and I felt a deep freedom and certainty in all I did.

These very flashy experiences came to an end, but what has continued is a great self-confidence,  stability of Being. and curiosity for all of life.  Month by month attachments and identities that I had collected fall off.  When I encounter obstacles -- or perhaps what seems course or problematic -- behind that block emerges the light of joy: it seems almost like visible light, the rays singeing me to wake up.  My openness to all streams of knowledge has greatly expanded. 

Most interesting is that now when I listen to recorded callls of Lucialorn the effect is deeply transformational and restructuring, both psychologically and physically.  Even when coming from other sources of knowledge about the higher truths I experience these restructurings.  Statements of deep truth are now sutras that bore deeply into any remaining blocks in consciousness.

S. Z.  Texas, USA

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