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more.........the Shift 

.........What was this? It didn't meet any of the ideas about it. But it quickly became very clear I was free, at peace, and rich bliss bubbled in waves throughout life. I was home. For this, I am ever grateful.


Unity came in a few steps. First, there was a kind of fire in the belly that roasted the remains of identity. The person with the name ceased. Names and personal pronouns seemed meaningless for a short time. Friends made "formerly known as" Prince jokes. Then I noticed there was no longer an "inside" and "outside". I as the Self contained everything. A few days later, I attended a retreat with Lorne and Lucia. Then everything else fell away and the shift happened. Later, I recognized the person was still there but now as an aspect of expression like the body and mind. It was not who I was. All else returned as well but now from the new perspective.



During the Unity phase, there was a whole series of becoming what was experienced. Everything was progressively gathered into one wholeness. The climax of that was God Realization, oneness with the Divine. That however, lead to an unexpectedly dry period. Things continued to progress but the richness had been considerably muted. Finally, I was able to attend a retreat with Lorne and Lucia. There, a friend asked a question about Unity into Brahman. I had not realized one transcended the Self into Brahman. One surrenders the prior enlightenment. Finally, I had context for what was unfolding. With that clarity, the next step began with a great intensity and the richness returned, now with a new depth. The process of that shift continues

D.B.  Vancouver, BC, Canada

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