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..... in this place but ‘I’ was not contained by it. Everything in this field of awareness was incredibly expanded.  It was warmly brilliant and so very familiar. Flowing movement was one of the dominant characteristics along with the sense of freedom, well-being and joy. Lorne asked if I could describe my experience. Words were difficult at first as I attempted to voice what was being experienced. But the knowing of who I was that came with being in that place was deep and strong. Along with this knowledge was laughter. Delight in the joy of being released into who I really am. 


Everyday life has become so much easier. The feeling of well-being doesn’t leave – it is always there. In this place of assurance there is much that is dropping away with ease. Things no longer have the same significance and memories that would have kept me attached to them drop away with no effort. There is a feeling of freedom and movement that flows with me as everyday life is experienced. Even difficulties no longer bind or make me anxious. They are just another experience to move through and be released.


In my environment, the natural world along with people and activities, delight is found in abundance. Life is so very full now.  Everything has changed . . . and yet everything is still the same.  I’m loving this place.  It is so wonderful not to be contained and to be so relaxed and OK with everything. 


L. C.  Vancouver Island, BC , Canada

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