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more.......the Shift 

...... When eye contact comes my way from Lorne a very strong shift occurs There is a dissolution of the 3D completely, time and space dissolve and a true sense of unboundedness occurs.  I have a very strong sense of not being the body, and my mind opens to the vastness of bliss undefined and limitless, for which I am eternally grateful.  

This shift has allowed me a greater freedom in my active life I am more passionately in the world living my joy but I am less attached.  I feel in it but not of it.  Even when my teenagers are fighting, which I used to take so personally -- it can still make me cry, but it is like a release and I do not carry it as before.  My body feels like the energy in its surroundings.   

I am more present with presence totally absorbed by what is around me.  I am it,  but ironically I am watching from outside while feeling more deeply the energy of the moment.   I love deeper and let go easier. I am very grateful for these blessings of more ease and grace, and a greater knowing of the vastness of one.

K. C.  Salt Spring Island, BC,  Canada

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