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........Everything that surrounds the apparent “me” is really just “one mind” and its intelligence permeates everything. It is one great Mind trying to know itSelf, to experience itSelf.  Objects are not “hard” and “concrete” in form, but rather “fluid” even though they do not move.

 Every part of the environment seems to want to embrace and love every other part of
Never is any part of the environment further away than “My Self.
There is almost a “jelly” nature of the mind that hides behind all forms. The steel of a lamppost simply hides the fluid nature of Its own mind.
it Self.  Therefore, “My” arms surround and comfort all that I “see”.
“My” embrace encompasses all that I see. God is hugging Himself.

It is truly wondrous.

M. C.  Vancouver, BC,  Canada

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