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more.... the Shift a puzzle.  But all of the scriptures, readings, and talks became perfectly clear and so, so simple in the reality of Self. It was actually funny and we started laughing hysterically for a time. 


Everything is within me. Manifest and unmanifest.  Although in reality there is no manifest, no relative, as there is nothing but awareness, pure power, light, joy, and permeating grace.  A solid block, a field, a sea of consciousness without end, infinite, unbounded; one thing, one substance, one alive being filled with energy and love.  Just one. I am. Even "I am that" is essentially not true as it implies duality. Everything that I have heard, read, and aspired to, became clear. A distinctive shift as predicted but so unexpected.


It came to mind that the analogy of the wave on the ocean, used by so many sages to describe reality was for the mind to grasp, when in fact, the waves, or manifest reality, happens not on the surface, as there is no surface, but within the sea itself. So the wave manifests within being itself but because it is water, or pure awareness, within water, the impulse of manifestation, nothing actually forms as there is nothing but unbounded awareness. It is like moving your hand beneath the surface of the water and see the shapes form from the energy passing through but instantly that form was gone, and actually never was, as there is only one timeless reality.  This is it. There is no returning from this. It is all true. 


I felt/saw my body, and all bodies, and my individuality and all individuals, as subtle waves or wrinkles inside this ocean of being. I understood the reality of knowing all things, or all things, within my body, within the self. I know that there is no time, as there is only one now. So beautiful, so simple.

I felt how omnipotence and omniscience worked as there is only one pure powerful field, with instant access to all knowledge and power. But that arises when the time of need is manifest. Pure potential without end.

I understood deeply that people and objects and the natural world were not "connected", because that implied difference or separation or duality and it fact there is only One.  One substance, one glowing, full, unbounded, undefined radiant Self.

*There is no perceiver, no object of perception, only perception, only awareness. No knower, no known, only knowing.  It was funny to me how all those years the mind tried to wrap around that..hundreds of hours of my Teacher explaining this, so patiently, and the body-mind wrestling with this very simple, "unthinkable" truth. "Unthinkable" .

I felt/saw all the rishis, within me, and they were was just the Self-loving its Self, and at once all of the mountains of books, and tapes, reduced to this simple reality, all the weaving, and stories and analogies to describe that which is without words.  I understood how saints and "enlightened" beings don't "do" anything.  They allow the superfluid reality to flow by not blocking it, by removing all the resistance within their wave of individuality. This, in turn, increases the flow everywhere.  But in fact, there really isn't a flow, as that implies movement, and there is no actual movement within the Self.

The intensity of the experience has subsided,  and at times my mind seems to dominate, but the shift to being unbounded silent Awareness remains my unshakable permanent reality.


Thank you again.  There really are no words to express the depth of my love and gratitude to you.

S.M. New Mexico, USA


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