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more....the Shift

 .....even going to the bank and doing transferring and appointments and such – things flow without a hitch.  This feeling of amazement and well-being is the overall tenor of life these days.

The past few days have been more letting go.  My body is no longer the ‘final’ boundary ‘cause there is more of me now. The body is still a container but who I am is bigger. “I” am moving with such ease in the world now. When I (don’t know how to write/speak without using the I to refer to myself).  I go to do something and two more things fall in place. The senses are also bigger . . . more sensitive . . . more enjoyable.  Everything is just easier and brighter. The outer world is reflecting back in the joy of the creatures around me – mostly the avian family – and in natural surroundings. 

Everything has changed . . . and yet everything is still the same.  I’m loving this place and even if it lasts only a little while, it is so wonderful not to be contained and to be so relaxed and OK with everything.  


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