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.....and became that great Wholeness that was swallowing me.  I became everything, everywhere in the environment, from the subtle to the gross  - the atoms, the air, the space, the light, the solid walls, the furniture, the hills, the trees, everything everywhere, was all One grand wholeness of Self.

The difference between this experience and the Awakening I had earlier was that rather than being the unbounded Being in which everything is contained, I was now also everything everywhere, right on the surface...  No distinction between Self and non-Self, between Witness and creation. Witness was born on to the surface of creation, so to speak -- no longer a witness, but ‘all’ that is.  One super-fluid wholeness -- 'only one thing’.  One total wholeness.  No diversity, no differences.  Everything is the One same substance of pure Being.  And yet nothing on the relative level of appearance has changed.

There is only one thing, One substance.  The world remains the same, only now all the differences are seen as fabricated from only one material, and that non-material material is Self, pure Being, pure Consciousness.  Because the material of Self is the only reality, the differences also become clearer, more real and substantial because they are all my Self.

Pure Being, the non-doing silent witness now has become the doer. It became the mind, the body, the senses and all the objects of perception. There’s no self, no me, no person -- only cosmic non-doing Being thinking, feeling, seeing, doing, breathing, moving as and through this individual body/mind appearance.  The environment, surroundings, world, and universe are only one non-moving Consciousness moving in apparent waves of creation. 

It took some time for non- doing Being to learn to do things -- to walk, to talk, to think, to move. However, it gets the hang of it very quickly, and soon became able to function as a complete cosmic individual. There is no mind, no body, no universe; only nothing but resonating Bliss Consciousness appearing as everything.  Only one thing, the All, the Is, the Now, the All that Is -- the One Totality -- the One Reality.

In cosmic consciousness, the ‘I’ was the non-doing Now in which everything is happening.  In this state "I"  have become the doer without losing its non-doing silent status ... I’m still the ‘Now’ and so is everything else -- the whole universe.  No present, no past, no future.  Only timelessness -- the same as before, except there is no ‘witness’ to it all.   There is no time, no ‘knower-knowing-and known’, it’s a non-moving movement of pure silence appearing as time and space and as the universe.

All there is, is Self.  Every object is Self. Everything is Self in appearance.  The absolute has never come into manifestation to ‘create’ the relative, and yet, it appears as if it has.  The whole environment now becomes warm and friendly.  It was before, but more now -- more purity in Being itself.  There is more childlikeness, more innocence, more pure joy.  The joy is exquisite.  The joy of Being, being manifest.  The joy of witness is alive on the surface now.  There is only ONE thing. There has only been one super-fluid wholeness all along.

The universe, rather than being an objective reality, is now pure subjectivity. It’s like a greater fullness, but it always was that to begin with. There is no ‘real’ union, because there is nothing to unite.  There has only ever been One reverberating Consciousness.”

L.W.  Edmonton, Canada


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