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"There is no greater barrier to enlightenment than a mind that thinks it knows what enlightenment is."



“Higher states of Consciousness are not higher states of individual consciousness. They are higher perspectives of Infinite Consciousness of itSelf experienced through individual appearance”



"You are not your mind observing the Observer.  You are the Observer observing your mind."



"The universe is the reflection of Consciousness shining upon itself."



 "It seems that we have missed the obvious truth that all that exists -- everything we perceive and know in the present, everything we have ever known in the past, and everything we will ever come to know in the future will only be known by virtue of Consciousness itself." 


"Consciousness is the ultimate reality, not the objects that appear within it." 


"Whatever is seen and known, no matter how near or far, is contained in Consciousness. You are that field of Consciousness and everything is contained in You"



"Enlightenment is fully awakened universal consciousness in the appearance of individual life."



"The truth of who you are is so spectacular, so divine, so sublime, that once known, even for a split second, the mind isn’t strong enough to ever again sway you from it."

"There’s a thirst that the mind has. It’s a thirst to know its source. That thirst of the mind can’t be quenched by anything but the realization that it does not exist as ‘who I am’."

“The sun appears to go round the earth, but in reality the earth goes round the sun.  You appear to be an individual person separate from others, the environment, the world and the universe, but in reality you are pure Consciousness in which the individual person, all others, the environment, world and universe exist.”



“You are not a 'conscious' person living in a world that is within this universe. You are Consciousness itself, and that Consciousness has a universe, world and person appearing to be living in It." 



"It's really all about forgetting - forgetting everything that the mind knows itself to be now. It's in that complete forgetting that total infinity is remembered."



"The person is the vehicle for infinity to know itself more deeply and to reveal the divine qualities of its own pure infinity to itself in all its infinite possibilities."


"Notice that the noticer is not really part of what is being noticed"



"When we think we know something, there is someone there who knows. When we know Nothing, there is no one there to know it.  Only that is worthwhile knowing."



"You are not awakening to the Now; you are the Now awakening to itself.



"Pain is Bliss that has not been awakened."



"Be still, awaken to the liveliness of silence that is everywhere all around you, and know yourself as that silent Joy."



"You have never been by yourself as a separate individual. You are the totality. Natural law has been with you all along. You’ve always been a cosmic individual."



"Self experiencing itself in its multifarious frequencies of bliss appears as the universe"



“Creating this mind/body organism out of your Self and fashioning a world and universe in which to experience Your Self, You use this creation to know Your Self more deeply, for to know Your Self more deeply is to experience greater and greater waves of the nature of the pure Divine Bliss of Your Being.”





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“Individual consciousness is Cosmic Consciousness that has forgotten its Self”



"When the unbounded Silent Witness, remembers its Self as all this--mind-body, environment, world, universe--it is not only awake to its Self as Silent Awareness, but it now sees its Self seeing its Self in, through, and as all objects and phenomena of experience, and as such, all objectivity ceases -- only pure subjectivity remains -- only Self experiencing itself in the appearance of all this. This is Unity Consciousness" 



"Self is everything everywhere.  It is perpetually rarifying itself, referring back to itself as it perceives itself in and as the world appearance, and as such continually unfolds more of itself to its Self.  It is unending, ever-deepening Bliss".  



"There is no question or doubt in Unity Consciousness because mind and everything else has become pure Being.  It does not need any validation.  It is self-evident to its Self.  There is only One Thing."



"Negativity and positivity are the arms through which wholeness embraces itself and awakens more deeply to itself.  It may appear negative from the perspective of the separate individual -- but there is no such thing as a separate individual"



"Your real True Self is crying out to you all the time.  It's trying to get through to you to tell you 'you are totality’ -- wake up to who you really are."


"The reason for the apparent manifestation of the universe, and the real purpose of human life, is to enable formless abstract pure Consciousness to know its Self fully through the  appearance of form and phenomena."



"Everything is happening just the way that it should happen. Self is unfolding itself to itself. Infinity is remembering its divinity."



"The body contains the universe within it.  It is my creation that "I" use as a device to investigate deeply into my own unboundedness, my infinity. Much like man creates a microscope to view the inner world, or a telescope to view the outer world, Being creates the human body as a device to view the infinite characteristics and qualities of the omnipresence of itself.  This is what you are."



"There's nothing to learn, nothing to say.  Allow silence to flow through words, and in that flow it knits together the speaker and the listener.  That's what the words of silence are really for -- to erase the distinction between the speaker and the listener, and everything else."



"All this world in front of you that you see every day is an apparent manifestation of the interaction of Self within itself for the sole purpose of remembering itself as the nothingness of everything."



"You are not a spiritual person experiencing love and joy in life; you are pure Spirit, pure Love and pure Joy experiencing Life through the appearance of a person.”



"Duality is Oneness in Flow"



"The purpose of life is to realize - by being - the non-existence of the body, world, universe, and Self, and to appreciate - by being - the ultimate reality of the divine infinite intelligence that apparently created it."



“The 'shift' into Cosmic Consciousness cannot be missed.  It is being pure Awareness itSelf.  Once pure Awareness remembers itSelf, even for a split second, it cannot be lost.  It has recognized its Self as Infinity, as the one Self of all.  After the switch, there is no longer a separate individual 'me' -- the 'I' regains Its forgotten status as the infinite Self, the unbounded Silent Witness, the One Cosmic Source of all.  There is only One Self and you are That Self.”



"Enlightenment is awakening to the reality that there was no separate individual person there to get enlightened in the first place."

"There is only one call.  It is the perpetual call of your innermost Being to know its total reality through the appearance of individuality.  You are that apparent individual that will eventually dissolve in the realization that you have always been the One eternal Being fully awake as the total Light of Absolute Truth, the flow of pure Love, and the fullness of Universal Life." 


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