Online Retreat Schedule





6:45 pm (Pacific Time)   Orientation, Video



10:30 am.              Meeting with Lorn and Lucia

2:30 pm.                Meeting with Lorn and Lucia

6:45 pm.                 Video of Lorn & Lucia




10:30 am                Meeting with Lorn and Lucia

2:30 pm                  Meeting with Lorn and Lucia

6:30 pm                  Regular Sunday Webcast           

(Sat and Sun meetings are 1 1/2 - 2 hours long)


10:00 am               Meeting with Lorn and Lucia

    (This meeting can be 3+ hours in length)


  • Engage in this retreat as fully as you would if you were in person. 

  • Be in a private setting, free from outside disturbances.

  • Limit TV, computer, cell phone, electronics, visitors, socializing.

  • Only be with other retreat participants, if possible.

  • Please do not eat during live sessions. If you need a snack, turn your video off.

  • Please dress appropriately.

  • Get plenty of rest.

  • Leave major decisions until after the retreat.

  • Organize your routine and program around the scheduled meeting times.

  • Let go of all expectations.

  • Innocently favor the Silent Presence in the space around you


There is plenty of time between the meetings for meditation, meals, walks, rest, and free time.