Video Clips

Being the Now

The Self is the Now.  It is the most simple state of Awareness. There are no problems in the now.


It is the innermost sense of being, the inner Awareness, that awakens to itself as Infinity.

Divine Surrender

A talk about the stages of Enlightenment and the most refined aspect of Unity Consciousness..             

It's Our Duty to Enjoy

Your innermost Self is infinite, unbounded, pure Joy. Allow it to flow.

Life Joy

Joy is the nature of your infinite Being experiencing itself in, as, through and beyond everything everywhere.

Flow of Devotion

The flow of devotion is naturally

 inherent in the structure of Consciousness itself.

Seeing the Seer

This talk takes you into the real Seer -- the Awareness that is seeing beyond the mind.

Taste of Being

Even a taste of the pure essence of your real Being is so exquisite that nothing else can satisify.

Within the Without

There is no difference between the inner and the outer.  The inner is the outer.

Only Consciousness

There is only the Self in its process of experiencing itself appearing as the entire universe.