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more......the Shift

........One day, sitting at the table, he pointed out the silence which was clearly "out there" on the surface of life.  He said, "do you notice that?"  I said, "yes".  He said, "that's who you are".  I said, "oh, so that's it!"  It was very subtle and yet very profound.  


The mind stopped and silent existence took over completely.  I believed that statement, "that's who you are" so the witness, which had been personal, expanded to infinity and became it, became pure existence itself.  The body sat for a few moments, afraid to change eye focus lest it be lost.  


Went to bed, and the next morning "I" was still silent existence, just Being.  The body functioned like before but everything had changed.  It remained that way for over four years until another even more profound shift happened......

L. U.   Edmonton, Canada

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