Enlightenment does not happen to your mind, or to the person you think you are. It is the innermost self that awakens to its unbounded reality as pure Awareness itself, beyond the mind. It is something that the mind cannot do. The mind can only misunderstand.


The initial Awakening to being Awareness itself happens naturally of its own accord when the time is right for you. One of the greatest barriers to enlightenment are the concepts we have about what it actually is.

Lorn and Lucia help to catalyze the Awakening by creating an atmosphere of deep stillness and silence. They provide the knowledge and experience necessary to help break concepts and beliefs that are still standing in the way of true Awakening. They speak from the Self directly to the Self to awaken its remembrance of itself in you. They offer knowledge of the states and stages of Consciousness on the path of total Awakening. 


For holistic unfoldment in the direction of full enlightenment, L&L recommend the regular practice of effortless, mantra-based transcendental meditation and sanyama techniques, such as the TM and TM Sidhis program as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.  


For those who have already Awakened, L&L teach the Divine Shakti Invocation (DSI). The DSI is a powerful technique that directly enlivens pure Divinity in Consciousness to help create and maintain harmony and balance in life and society. It is available only to people who have been clearly Awakened for at least 10 years or more, and preferably, have been practicing the TM Sidhis for at least 25 years or more, or have been approved by L&L. They are practiced in unison via 'hearing', utilizing a completely unique advanced Sanyama technique. The Divine Shakti Invocation stems from the Puranas of Vedic Science. To apply, click this link.

The knowledge and experience of Awakening are clearly transmitted by Lorn and Lucia through audios, videos, webcasts, retreats, and books.