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Total Awakening

Awareness of Presence
or "Transcendental Consciousness" is the experience of expanded alert awareness along with profound peace and silence, either in the environment in activity or deep within during silent meditation. There can be a feeling of detachment from the body/mind.  It is a fourth definite state of consciousness, unlike waking, dream or sleep. It is a precursor to the actual shift to Self-remembrance. Transcendental Consciousness is being awake to the silent peace and stillness that is the true nature of the Self. There can be many degrees of intensity and various levels of witnessing in transcendental consciousness, but the clear recognition by the Self of the Self has not yet occurred. There are millions of people around the world today experiencing varying degrees of presence consciousness.  

States of Consciousness
'States of Consciousness' does not mean states of individual consciousness. It means states of Consciousness itself. Consciousness itself is an unbounded field of pure Awareness. There are distinct perspectives of Consciousness of itself as it becomes more awake to its total reality, and there are many levels of clarity of refined perception within each state. These states cannot be missed. Experience, knowledge, perception, and reality are completely different in each, even though Consciousness always remains the same One Consciousness. 

Cosmic Consciousness
or "Self Realization" is awakening to being Pure Consciousness itself. It is the first stage of Enlightenment. It is a very profound shift in your sense of being and existing, the sense of who you are. It is not an attitude or mood of mind. The sense of Self shifts from being the person you think you are, to being the unbounded field of Awareness itself in which the person and all perceptions exist. You discover that there is no separate individual sense of self at all. The separate individual self was an illusion that happened as a result of conditioning and false identification with the individual body/mind. Your real Self has always been unbounded, infinite, and free all along.  

It is not an altered state of Consciousness.  It is Being Consciousness Itself -- what you really have always been.  It is not a temporary experience; it is a natural, permanent state of being. The innermost self awakens to the unboundedness of its Self and finds itself to be the silent source of everything everywhere. Even though this feels like the final step and there is nowhere else to go, it is actually only the first step in the unfoldment of Consciousness to itself.  

Refined Perception in Cosmic Consciousness
or "God-Realization" is Consciousness' refined perception of its nature as the process of experiencing.  It is the perception of the flow of divine intelligence responsible for all experience. The underlying mechanics of the process of creation is revealed.  It is the experience of the flow of intelligence responsible for all thinking, feeling, perceiving, experiencing, and all form and phenomena everywhere in your entire field of perception. The cosmic dimension of the individual mind/body is revealed. It is a continually deepening process of refinement and unfoldment taking place perpetually within Consciousness, though experienced differently in each state. The shift to Unity Consciousness and beyond can happen prior to the full unfoldment of the depth of experience of refined perception.

Unity Consciousness
or "Oneness" happens when the Self, the subject and unbounded underlying essence of all things, awakens to itself as being the objects and phenomena of experience on the surface of life. It is a transition from being the unbounded field in which everything thing is happening, to being everything everywhere in the range of perception and experience.  "Consciousness is everything everywhere, and I am that Consciousness". The unbounded subject has remembered itself to also be all objects of perception. They are One. The unboundedness of the Self has entered into the mind, body, and environment. All objects in the surroundings, while remaining the same from the perspective of the senses, are experienced as my Self.  The world is no longer an object in Consciousness.  It is Consciousness itself. It is my Self. It is the oneness of experiencer, process of experiencing, and objects of experience.   

All of the apparent boundaries in the world are found to be my own Consciousness in appearance.  From this perspective, the world is experienced to be even more real, because it is constructed out of the material of Consciousness itself, out of my own unbounded Self. The environment is now seen as pure unmodified Consciousness in the guise of the objective modifications of the body, world, and universe.  It is not that the world and universe are seen to be an illusion. The illusion is that the world/universe are an objective physical reality. It has always been Consciousness itself, my own Self, pure subjectivity. There is no longer any distinction between inner and outer. The outer is the inner, the inner is the outer. Everything everywhere is my Self.  "I" am all that there is.  

Refined Perception in Unity Consciousness
or "Unity in God Consciousness" is a further refinement of perception from the perspective of being everything.  Consciousness awakens, with further clarity, to the underlying mechanics of creation and experience. It awakens to the subtle mechanics of its own innate intelligence that is responsible for creating the appearance of all life everywhere. It is the same shift in perception mentioned above, to experiencing the refined cosmic dimension of the feelings, intellect, mind, body, personality, senses, and all objects of experience; but it is experienced from an entirely different perspective now, one of wholeness, of being all that is. It is experiencing the flow of finer flavors and layers of intelligence within the wholeness of Self.  It is Consciousness awakening to its internal dynamics as the perpetual flow of itself experiencing itself. It is the experience of the ultimate reality of the depth of the Self, the totality of Consciousness, and it is all Divine.

Beyond Consciousness
or "Brahman Consciousness" is a perspective prior to Being, prior to Intelligence, and prior to existence itself. It is neither Self nor non-Self, neither existence nor non-existence, neither Being nor non-Being, neither Consciousness nor non-Consciousness. It is the clearest experience of Reality. Words like the universe, multi-verse, Absolute, Totality, Self, God, Being, Presence, Pure Consciousness cannot touch it. It is beyond description. It is pure Nothingness. From this perspective; the body/mind, the world, and the universe are not just an illusion, they have never even come into existence. The ultimate reality of something made from nothing is nothing, not something. The word "nothing" does not do justice to the supreme peace, perfect equanimity, unlimited freedom, and total knowledge that It is. It is truly indescribable. It is exclusively self-evident to itself alone.  

Refined Perception Beyond Consciousness
or "Refined Brahman Consciousness" is a completely different perspective of the same refinement of perception that is perpetually happening in Consciousness. But, because it is prior to Consciousness itself, there is no perceiver, no perceiving, and no perception in the same sense. It is perpetually swelling in all the same divine flavors and qualities of wholeness and love as experienced previously, only in a finer more exquisite delicacy and fullness, prior to differentiation or distinction. It is the subtle intention within nothingness to know itself. It is Pure Divine Power. From this perspective, the effect--Consciousness itself, and the creative intelligence inherent in Consciousness responsible for the appearance of creation, is also uncaused; and as such, so too is all creation. It is beyond all understanding. 


Supreme Reality

Another shift to an even deeper perspective occurs in this state when that Nothingness recognizes that divine power as its own pure Supreme Divinity that has been cloaked in the appearance of creation. That Supreme Divinity, while remaining uncaused, is the ultimate cause of all causes. It creates and appears as the sense of Being, Consciousness, SELF, all divine creative intelligence, and all creation. It is pure divine radiance. Refinement of perception of the cosmic, absolute, universal body/mind continues in this state.


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