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The Awakening World

When it was discovered that the world was not flat, or that the sun did not go around the earth, that realization caused a major paradigm shift in the consciousness of society at the time. The general understanding of the world and solar system that was held turned out to be false. But nothing changed. The world had always been round and had always been revolving around the sun. The change that took place happened only in collective understanding and awareness. That new perspective brought major upheavals to education, science, religion, and the general worldview of the time, not unlike the changes happening in the world today.


We are now going through another major paradigm shift, but this shift is not taking place just in our conscious understanding and perception of the world. This shift is much more fundamental, radical, and profound. It is happening beyond the mind in the innermost realm of Consciousness itself. It is a shift in the very foundation of our sense of reality itself. It is a shift in the sense of who and what we really are.


It is a shift from experiencing life from the perspective of the individual, conditioned mind to the experience of life from the perspective of unconditioned, unbounded Awareness. Though there are people who have been Awakened in every age, this shift is completely unprecedented and extremely profound in that it is happening on such a large scale at this time. For the first time in recorded history, thousands of people around the world are spontaneously awakening to the direct experience of being unbounded pure Awareness, rather than the individual self-serving ego.


After clearly awakening to being Awareness itself, the wavering mind is no longer the controller. An unshakable inner stability and expanded clarity of awareness and comprehension take over. You are no longer caught in the small boundaries of ego, emotion, and narrow thinking, which formerly clouded the vision and were the underlying cause of the majority of the problems in the world.


This is a dramatic change, and it is already starting to create a profound effect on the entire collective consciousness of the world. There is only one field of Consciousness. When one person awakens to being unbounded pure Awareness, it creates a ripple in the entire ocean of Consciousness, and the consciousness of everyone everywhere is instantaneously influenced and heightened. Consciousness is rising everywhere. 


As the collective consciousness rises, the more fixed, contracted, earthbound qualities of personality initially resist this change. This accounts for the polarization we see in the world today. But this conflict and division is temporary and only appears problematic on the surface. On a deeper level, Awareness is rising. People are beginning to see from a broader perspective and are less likely to hold on to old ideas, concepts, and beliefs that are not holistic, positive, and progressive. A greater sense of cohesion, unity, and harmony will be the natural result.


Large groups of people meditating together have been shown to have a measurable effect of increasing positive tendencies in the collective consciousness of society. However, after awakening to refined Unity Consciousness (and beyond), the beneficial effect of group practice on the consciousness of society is far more pronounced and profound. Consciousness not only knows itself fully, but it is awake to the field of infinite potentiality and the finest levels of universal Intelligence from where nature functions. The enlivenment of that universal level of life has a powerful, life-supporting influence on consciousness everywhere.



The Awakening World Society Foundation

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