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more.....the Shift

......What was this?   It didn't meet any of my ideas about it.  But it quickly became very clear I was free, at peace, and rich bliss bubbled in waves throughout life.  I was home...

It took me a few days to see that it's still there, and just what it is.  For example, the ego is gone.  In fact, it never existed.  It was just an idea. I was uncertain at first because it was not what I expected.  It's true our ideas are what get in the way of it. 


In fact, our ideas of it are all wrong, even though the words of the saints have all been correct.  Simply because the idea of it is not it.  It is beyond ideas, beyond even existence.  Amazing.  So simple. For this, I am ever grateful.​

​​D.B. Vancouver, BC Canada

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