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Unity Consciousness - Being Everything



The experience of being unbounded pure Consciousness was an absolutely clear and permanent reality, and I thought that there couldn't be anything more than being Consciousness itself, until one summer evening...  "I" (Being) was seized by an intensely alive, unknown Wholeness which was so intense, so all-encompassing that it seemed to be swallowing Being, as if "I" (Being) was dying.

Even though there was no self and no fear there was still a kind of trepidation.  The thought came, “ I am pure Being itself, how can pure Being be dying?   Suddenly an inner/ outer transformation occurred  and "I" (Being) literally exploded ......more



On a cold frosty Tuesday morning, my partner and I decided to wrap up warm and sit on the dock by the lake where we live for our morning meditation practice. I borrowed clothes from him to wrap up warm, his sweaters, coat, big woolly socks and shoes.


As we sat in meditation I noticed the silence intensify and the stillness become more alive and vibrant. I also noticed a sense of my body-mind dissolving and no finding of the body even though of course the physical body was still there. I looked at my body and I could see it and feel it but I also had this strange sense that it was ....... more


I had been clearly awake in cosmic consciousness for more than 5 years, before the next major shift happened.  The unbounded silent self was clearly separate from the objects of perception. One evening at a private sat sang with Lorn, Lucia and another person, I shifted to another level. 

Lorne focused his attention on me and said, "I can see that there is no "individual" personality." Before that moment the "I' was the unbounded silent witness.  What happened next was that the witness disappeared and became everything........ more


After 4 years of being witness to "silence in flow", while practicing a technique one morning, Being said, "oh, of course, I am all this too" and then the infinite Being that I thought I was shot out on to the surface of life like a water spout, and I became everything everywhere.  


The change was instant and silent Being as witness disappeared.  At first it was disconcerting because what had been the existence for 4 years was lost, but in time the new existence of being infinity as everything on the surface of life became comfortable and normal.

 L. U.  Edmonton, Canada



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