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more....the shift to Unity Consciousness

Everything was in me, I was everything and felt intimate with everything.  I am the waves of joy and bliss. I see from here, there and everywhere.  I am the seeing.  Everything exists in my seeing.  The subject and the object are contained in the seeing, there is no separation.  


I am starting to become what I see.  I am sadness, happiness, anger or joy in whatever is in my seeing.  I sometimes feel the concepts of the people that I am seeing.  (It is difficult to use words to describe my experience because the individual "I" does not exist even though the form that I was, still exists.  The individual form is part of the all that I am).  


This experience is permanent and intensifying.  I have always been in this state.  I understand "the now" and it is what I live and always have.


Since my second shift, my life has been very smooth.  Actually, my life was smooth after the first shift.  There is an intimacy with everything.  There is a flow of awareness between self and object and self even though everything is happening inside of me, me being infinite unbounded consciousness.  There is no subject no object.  The seeing includes everything. 

My meditations are timeless.  Sometimes I am in this field so warm and comforting that there seems to be no reason to come into activity.

Since the shift, it is as if I have always been in this state.  It was the same with the shift to Cosmic Consciousness.  Once the shift to CC was firmly established it was as if I had always been in CC.  With every shift comes the realization that I have always been that.  There was no before.

There is much more bliss in my life.  I am riding on this wave of bliss much of the time.

The experience is much clearer when I go on retreats with people who are awake or if I am in the presence of awake persons.

There is a flow of silence in activity, not separate but there at all times.  My body (difficult to put into words because my body is just one aspect of the field) is vibrating with the flow of silence and energy.

Words do not do justice to the reality of the life I am living.

G.T.  Edmonton, AB, Canada

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