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.......then moving on to include planet earth, the other planets, the universe, other universes, as fast as awareness allowed, all happening in an instant. From there, I became aware of being in the tiniest particle of a tiny part of that conglomeration of universes, aware that this minute particle contained multiple universes as well, recognizing what-I-am everywhere, with no beginning and no end.

This stayed in the background of awareness for a few weeks until the following retreat when it all came rushing back with vivid clarity in waking state.  Awareness of the witness and the body/mind disappeared as there was no tangible difference between a perceiver, the actual perceiving and what is perceived in the immediate environment, be it sight, sound, fragrance, taste, texture, feeling, thought, emotion. All is what-I-am. A flow of lively energy has taken over and all there is to do is to let it be, increasingly realizing the perfection of what is, as it is, right now.

The body-mind with which I had identified is now seen for what it is: nothing more (and nothing less) than a point of attention, a perceiving mechanism for the Self that I am, a mirror reflecting Self to Self. All points of awareness everywhere are all mirrors, with Self seeing itSelf seeing itSelf at infinitum in all points of creation. This continues to adjust and refine, and I remain in awe at the magnificent ongoing vibrant play.​

M. L.  Ottawa, Canada

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